Autumn 2022

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Basel x Hong Kong


Imagine if Basel and Hong Kong were two people meeting for the first time.

What would they talk about?

Where would they find points of intersection?

How do they get to know each other better?

what is PF25 cultural projects?

PF25 cultural projects is a Basel-based non-profit organisation which aims to build mutual understanding, to develop an intercultural network and to generate creative energies between Basel and Hong Kong. Our cultural exchange and research approach is on-the-ground and about daily life, observed and engaged through a wide range of activities. We bring people together in workshops, talks, screenings, exhibitions, field trips, interviews, pop-ups, publications and more. This allows PF25 to foster dialogues and deepen understanding between the two city-regions, welcoming diverse stories and wide perspectives across generations. We strive to discover connections through reflections, to expand our spectrum of imagination and to explore possibilities of living for the future.


PF25 cultural projects receives funding from Christoph Merian Stiftung. We have the pleasure to be the partner of Atelier Mondial in our exhibition and residency programmes. 


We hope our projects will enable us to contribute a small part to the city
development and archives of the two cities.


2022 projects and programmes



21.10 - 6.11.2022

Spalenberg 30, 4051 Basel

Art & Culture Outreach 

Lucien Bricola

Bored Wolves 

Hedy Leung

Oscar Chan Yik Long

Laura Sattin

Dorothee Sauter

Emilia Tanner

Concept by Hedy Leung

Artistic Direction by Angelika Li

Design Direction by Donald Mak

Presented by PF25 cultural projects

Supported by Christoph Merian Stiftung

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Sogetsu Ikebana Workshop registration

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Premiere of Hong Kong Artist Hung Keung's video work 'Streetscapes 24360'

on view at the window of Jungstrasse 33, 4056 Basel

between 1 and 4 September  18-18h

with a special community event on Friday 2 September 18-20h

Hung Keung is interested in the transformative physics of stones and rocks. In the spirit of the traditional Chinese landscape art, landscapes are meant for us to visit, to live in or wander around in. During the pandemic time, people in Hong Kong always had to stay home as a preventive measure. This video captures an almost surreal streetscapes of Hong Kong around the clock and with the movement of the 360-degree camera which creates a tunnel of time and documents the transit of people and the city during this pivotal period.

More info

About the artist

'Let's Have a Drink and Walk in the Streets of Hong Kong'
a special community event on Friday 2 September 18-20h​

The Streetscapes project in Basel invites the audience to bring an image that records the transformation in their city during the pandemic time together with a short description. The images and the texts will be pinned on a wall in the space to create a conversation and linking the stories of transformations between our cities.


Hung Keung will be virtually attending the event and joining curator Angelika Li, PF25 co-founder Donald Mak and our venue partner architect Raymond Gaëtan to exchange with the audience. Let's share our stories with some Hong Kong drinks and street food! Scroll down for the special treats info!






Special Hong Kong Treats for Participants! 

Participants who share an image and stories will receive a voucher to taste some authentic Hong Kong-made Moon Cakes sponsored by Meow Kong and Curry Fish Balls prepared by our PF25 volunteer Kennis Falkner at the event, also in celebration of the coming Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節 a.k.a. Full Moon Festival) on 15th day of the 8th month in the Lunar Calendar which falls on 10 September this year.

This programme is part of the curatorial series 'Homeland in Transit' by Angelika Li and presented by PF25 cultural projects as part of the Kunsttage Basel 2022.

​Special thanks to

Christoph Merian Stiftung

Friends and Volunteers

Raymond Gaëtan Architecture & Development 

Meow Kong

for making this programme possible!


Talk: PF25, Homeland in Transit and Hong Kong

Our co-founder and president Angelika Li was invited to give talks to the students and staff of Gymnasium Leonhard in Basel. Our PR25 cultural projects together with the curatorial and exhibition series Homeland in Transit were presented with a lot of enthusiastic responses and questions, especially on the observations of the situations in Hong Kong.

Brigitte Koller, Chinese expert and teacher of the school offered a guided tour to the Coal Hill Library which houses an impressive collection of Chinese books and Chinese works of art. A truly authentic Chinese experience in the heart of the Old Town of Basel. 




Hong Kong Artists in Basel

Across the months of May to July, Hong Kong artists Oscar Chan Yik Long, Angela Su and Isaac Chong Wai will join our PF25 Artist-in-Residence programme in collaboration with Atelier Mondial in Basel. Different happenings including workshops, artist talks, screenings and more will take place during their stays at Atelier Mondial. Please click the portraits below for the artists' biographies.

Oscar Chan Yik Long - May to July

20 May:  Open Studio

24 June:  Ink Workshop at Atelier Mondial + Open Studio

29 June:  Kunstmuseum Basel Ink Workshop with curator Angelika Li 

Angela Su - May 

20 May:  European premiere of her video 'This is Not a Game' (2021), a conversation with director of Atelier Mondial Alexandra Stäheli and the programme curator Angelika Li. Open Studio at Atelier Mondial

Isaac Chong Wai - July

5 July: Meeting Point at Basel Pavilion (more info coming soon)


We look forward to initiating dialogues and exchanges with the local communities. 

Stay tuned for news and updates!

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Hong Kong Video Nights 2022
Hong Kong Video Nights 2022

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Hong Kong Video Nights 2022
Hong Kong Video Nights 2022

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On the Museumsnacht Friday 20 May, PF25 and Atelier Mondial present the European premiere of 'This is Not a Game' (2021) by the artist-in-residence Angela Su who represents Hong Kong in the 59th Venice Biennale and also . A conversation will take place between the artist and PF25 co-founder and curator Angelika Li and director of Atelier Mondial Alexandra Stäheli after the premiere.


The screening programme includes more than twelve video works dating from 1989 to 2021 by a stellar lineup of Hong Kong artists: Luke Ching, May Fung, Kongkee, Law Yuk Mui, Leung Chi Wo, Lo Lai Lai Natalie, MAP Office and Yim Sui Fong. Across different generations through their Hong Kong eyes, this collection of videos offers a diverse range of perspectives, landscapes, narratives and imaginations of their city. 

Date:  Friday 20 May 2022 - 19-22h

Venue:  Atelier Mondial Platform, Freilager-Platz 9, 4142 Münchenstein/Basel, Switzerland (Tram No. 11 to Freilager)

19h:  European Premiere of ‘This is Not a Game' (2021), video, 11’16” by Angela Su

Artist conversation with PF25 co-founder and curator Angelika Li and director of Atelier Mondial Alexandra Stäheli

20h:  Screening of video works by Luke Ching, May Fung, Kongkee, Law Yuk Mui, Leung Chi Wo, Lo Lai Lai Natalie, MAP Office and Yim Sui Fong

21h:  Open Studio at Atelier Mondial with Oscar Chan Yik Long, Angela Su

This programme is curated by Angelika Li; visual design directed by Donald Mak; co-presented by Atelier Mondial and PF25 cultural projects and supported by Christoph Merian Stiftung.


20 May 2022 Programme 


European Premiere:

1. Angela Su ‘This is Not a Game’ (2021), 11 mins 16 secs


Artist Conversation with Angelika Li, PF25 cultural projects founder and curator and Alexandra Stäheli, director of Atelier Mondial



2. Kongkee ‘River’ (2020), Animation, 5 mins 3 secs

3. Kongkee ‘I just can't find myself, most of the time’ (2020), Animation, 1 min 56 secs

4. Lo Lai Lai Natalie ‘Cold Fire’ (2019-2020), 10 mins 18 secs

5. MAP Office ‘The Book of Waves’ (2018), Animation, 2 mins

6. Yim Sui Fong ‘Black Bird Island’ (2017), 6 mins 32 secs

7. Lo Lai Lai Natalie ‘Weather girl Halo Daisy’ (2016), 6 mins 32 secs

8. Luke Ching ‘Pixel’ (2014), 43 secs

9. Leung Chi Wo ‘Suck/Blow ’ (2003), 4 mins

10. Law Yuk Mui ‘On Junk Bay, The Plant’ (1990-present), 2 mins 56 secs

11. May Fung ‘Image of a City’ (1990), 11 mins

12. May Fung ‘She Said Why Me’ (1989), 8 mins

Total of the video:12 (around 71 mins)

Homeland in Transit: Carried by the Wind
Carried by the Wind
Carried by the Wind

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Carried by the Wind
Carried by the Wind

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Carried by the Wind
Carried by the Wind

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Vernissage: 10 June 2022 18-21h

Exhibition: 11 - 26 June 2022 

Fridays to Sundays: 12-18h

Special opening dates 13-16 June: 14-18h 
Art Basel VIP Programme: 14 June 18-20h - RSVP:

Venue: Salon Mondial, Freilager-Platz 9, 4142 Münchenstein/Basel, Switzerland (Tram No. 11 to Freilager)


Oscar Chan (Hong Kong, Helsinki) 

Isaac Chong Wai (Hong Kong, Berlin) 

Andreas Marti (Zürich)

Kathrin Siegrist + Iva Wili (Basel)

Angela Su (Hong Kong)

curated by Angelika Li (Hong Kong, Basel)

presented by Atelier Mondial and PF25 cultural projects

and supported Christoph Merian Stiftung

Click here for more information about the exhibiton and the artists.

Carried by the Wind Installation Photo by Maris Mezulis
Atelier Mondial Photo.jpeg


1 June 16:00–17:30

Brice Marden's Lines and Spaces: Intercultural translation in progress


A conversation between Prof. Kurt Chan Yuk Keung, artist, Department of Fine Arts, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Kelly Montana, Assistant Curator at the Menil Drawing Institute, Houston, moderated by Angelika Li, independent curator, Basel. Introduction: Daniel Kurjaković, curator of programs.

Free Entry.

29 June 18:00–19:30

Reflections of the mindscape through ink

A workshop by Hongkong artist our PF25 artist in residence Oscar Chan:

An exploration starts with Hongkong curator Angelika Li introducing poems by the Tang dynasty (618-907) poet Hanshan, generally translated into English as «Cold Mountain».

This name has become synonymous with the inspiration and title of Marden's renowned series in which the artist translates the Zen notions of «emptiness» and «naturalness» into his meditative calligraphic lines and space.

In the spirit of ink practice, Hongkong artist Oscar Chan will guide the participants to experience the mediums of Chinese ink, brush and water as a form of self-reflection and thought.

Max. 15 participants aged 16 above, no prior ink art knowledge is required.

Costs: Entry



+41 61 525 8383

Pffefergässlein 25
4051 Basel