PF25 cultural projects is a Switzerland-based non-profit organisation which aims to build mutual understanding, to develop an intercultural network and to create active synergies through meaningful, on-the-ground cultural exchanges generated by research with a focus on Hong Kong and Basel - and extending to other regions of Switzerland - with a view to expanding a wider spectrum of imagination and to exploring more diverse possibilities of living for the future. 

In 2022, our team is very glad that we receive funding from Christoph Merian Stiftung in Basel to support parts of our annual programme. We are also very honoured and excited to co-organise programmes with our institution partner Atelier Mondial in Münchenstein/Basel. 


In order to realise our projects, your participation and support are much needed for different communities and generations, experiences and ideas to be gathered and shared through various platforms to foster cultural dialogues and deepen understanding.

Donations are much appreciated.  Please find our account info as follows:

IBAN: CH84 0900 0000 1565 6749 8


Bank: PostFinance

Account Name: PF25 cultural projects, Basel

+41 7678 1 7678

Pffefergässlein 25

4051 Basel












Thank you for your participation and support!

Team PF25





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our institutional partners:

our collaborators

Art & Culture Outreach ACO, Hong Kong

Atelier Mondial, Münchenstein/Basel

cmbb culture matters beyond borders, Hong Kong

Coutou Wood Working, Hong Kong

過海的‧藝術計劃 CHT.ArtProject, Hong Kong

Simonett & Baer Galerie, Basel

Zit-Dim Art Space, Tainan

Raymond Gaëtan Architecture & Development, Basel

Bored Wolves, Kraków


our research contributors 


Jeannine, Robert and Alain Appel

Martina Baer

Agathe Chenaux-Repond

Bouie Choi

Copa & Sordes

May Fung

South Ho

Ken Hung

Thomas Keller

Brigitte Koller

Chantal Konrad

Hanison Lau

Queenie Lee

Viona Lee

Hedy Leung

Martin Loppacher

NEWSworthy HK

MAP Office

Maris Mezulis

Benedikt Vonder Mühll 

Dino Simonett

Irène Speiser

Balthasar Streif

Oliver Trueb

Yan Yung

Swim City, 2019
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Herbstmesse Basel, 2018
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Victoria Harbour NYE Hong Kong, 2017
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Basler Fasnacht, 2021
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Surreal Hong Kong, 2019
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Hong Kong Eye Exhibition Basel, 2018
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Basler Fasnacht, 2020
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PF25 soft intro June 2018
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Hanison Lau Studio, 2018
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Autumn, Bruderholz, 2020
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Monocle Radio Interview on Basler Fasnacht, 2019
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Crossing Oceans: MAP Office @PF25 Basel, 2019
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Hong Kong Tiles Culture, MAP Office, 2022
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Hello Hong Kong project at Gallerie Simonett & Baer, Basel, 2018
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Lunar New Year, Hong Kong, 2019
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Fire Dragon, Hong Kong, 2019
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White Asparagus by Chantal Konrad, 2018
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Kids Club, Hong Kong, 2019
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Dragon Board Festival, 2020
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Riverscape, Rhein, Basel
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Hong Kong Hotpot in Basel, 2018
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