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  • PF25 cultural projects briding Hong Kong and Basel

    index Winter 2023 Residency, Performance, Workshop Hedy Leung: 3 x 7 = 21 Sogetsu Ikebana Performance 1.12.2023 @Salon Mondial, Basel 630pm doors open 7pm performance 2023 PF25 cultural projects : 2023 Programme PF25 Residency ​ Annie Wan December 2023 Annie Lai-kuen Wan is a contemporary ceramic artist who takes everyday objects and transforms them into beautiful objects imbued with meaning. Born in Hong Kong, Annie Lai-kuen Wan developed an early interest in traditional ceramics. Wan’s signature works include an ancient poem - captured in the middle of the night by ‚borrowing‘ the characters from common Hong Kong signs (using plast er casts). She later transforms these traditional Chinese characters into beautiful wall objects that form an ancient poem. The artist has also captured an entire library of old texts by preserving their forms in plaster. Inspired and shaped to imitate everyday objects, Annie’s works are intimate, nostalgic reflections; sometimes materialised through unglazed ceramics or stoneware clay to become surreal representations of the original. Taking on abstract forms to slightly unsettling effect, Annie’s creations aptly capture the delicate confluence of longing and rediscovery. The artist holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Hong Kong, a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from the University of Hong Kong, and a Higher Certificate in Studio Ceramics from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, as well as a Diploma of Design. Wan’s work is included in the permanent collections of the University of Salford and the Burger Collection. Her work is also in the collections of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan and Guldageraard, Denmark. @ateliermondialart Our PF25 team and Annie shared precious moments together during her residency in Basel, laying the groundwork for meaningful exchanges between the two cities. This marks just the beginning of our adventure together, as Annie is set to return to Basel for further research and projects in 2024! Stay tuned! PF 25 Residency + Performance + Workshop 3 x 7 = 21 Sogetsu Ikebana Performance by Hedy Leung Friday, 1 December 1830 doors open 1900 performance 1930 open studio + snacks and drinks Hong Kong style Salon Mondial, Freilager-platz 9, Münchenstein/Basel (Tram 11: Freilager) Enquiries: Through the creative lens of Sogetsu Ikebana, it amplifies the exquisite beauty within our everyday encounters and the intimate connections that flourish through shared anecdotes and stories. Ikebana practice finds inspiration in everyday experience, such as the ever-changing seasons, city life, or even the most mundane of routines. The performance interweaves the Sogetsu Ikebana practice with stories and memories linked to everyday objects. It reveres the inherent grace discovered within the ordinary and depicts how ikebana harmoniously resonates with the intricate narratives that accompany our daily lives. The ikebana performance embodies a living anecdote, a shared story from the artist, offering a glimpse into the personal significance of the objects collected during the PF25 residency at Atelier Mondial. It extends an open invitation to partake in the artist’s unique journey and the connections that have been forged along the way. ​ ​ Click here for details of the Sogetsu Ikebana Family Workshop 'A Blossom A Day' with Hedy Leung on 2 Dec 2023 ​ ​ ​ I ​ ​ Menhir Tapestry 1 (2023) by Hedy Leung for Radio X Arts Festival opening performance Photo by Julian Salinas ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ The programme is supported by: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ What's just happened Ellen Pau PF 25 Residency + Exhibition Ellen Pau: Speculative Generations of Flora Zero Vernissage : Friday 20.10 17-21h Open Studio: 21.10 12-18h Exhibition until 3.11. Viewing by appointment only: . Atelier Mondial Studio 3 : Freilager-Platz 9, 4142 Münchenstein /Basel (Tram 11 to Freilager) Supported by Christoph Merian Stiftung and Hong Kong Arts Development Council ​ Introduction ​ PF25 cultural projects proudly presents acclaimed video artist Ellen Pau's latest creation, 'Speculative Generations of Flora Zero.' This captivating video installation delves into the intricate genetics of Bauhinia x blakeana, commonly known as the Hong Kong Orchid Tree. The narrative of this work revolves around the fact that the plant cannot self-propagate without the horticultural practice of grafting and rooting cuttings. The plant was a serendipitous discovery by a French Catholic missionary along the shoreline of Pokfulam in colonial Hong Kong in the 1880s. This botanical rarity was named in honour of Sir Henry Blake, who served as the city's British Governor from 1898 to 1903. The 'x' indicates that the plant is a hybrid not typically found in nature. It is not considered a species but rather an artificially maintained cultivar. This sparks the nurturing of speculative generations of Flora Zero, deeply rooted in its parental species. Becoming the city emblem in 1973, the flower gained prominence post the 1997 handover, adorning coins and flags. The audience can experience a fraction of the genome sonification from the Bauhinia x blakeana in this installation. Pau's exploration adeptly intertwines genetics, history, and AI, cultivating 'Flora Zero' within AI-generated landscapes for future generations. This confluence channels the genome's sacred essence and a profound message for Hong Kong. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Click here for the artist's biography and more details from the curatorial text by Angelika Li. Portrait by Julian Salinas. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ The exhibition is supported by: Radio X RADIO X_ARTS Festival Community Project + Opening Performance Menhir Tapestry 1 by Hedy Leung 20 October, 1730h TransBona Halle, Dreispitz, Münchenstein/Basel On view 20 & 21 October 2023 Link to the Programme Menhir Tapestry Community Project October 16th and 17th | 12H - 19H Radio X at Freilager-Platz Radio X_Arts Festival Opening Performance by Hedy Leung October 20th | 1730h | Transbona-Halle ​ ​ During our two community project days in collaboration with Radio X, the public is invited to contribute an object that was once precious in their lives and now ready for a second life. We welcome objects that are non-perishable, non-food, no larger than a standard bicycle, and weighing no heavier than 10kg. As part of this collaborative experience, the artist Hedy Leung will record your wishes, prayers, and blessings with the objects, which will become integral to her upcoming installation, 'Menhir Tapestry 1.' Hedy will interweave these sentiments with her Sogetsu Ikebana performance in the opening, culminating in the creation of a menhir tapestry. This work will be presented as a special gift from the community to mark Radio X's 25th anniversary at the X_Arts Festival opening. ​ 💚🖤💚 about the project As humans, we possess the capacity to shape our desires into reality. Not merely through materials, but with knowledge, memory, hopes, imagination, and dreams. We can shape our world to reflect the values and ideals we hold dear, building a better future for ourselves and generations to come. ‘Menhir Tapestry 1’ by Hedy Leung is a new performative installation constructed using objects collected from the community, akin to a ‘menhir tapestry’ where the artist imbues the collected sounds of blessings from the participants. It is an interwoven collection that forms a profound piece—a multi-dimensional creation embodying blessings, stories, dreams, contributions, energies, emotions, and the essence of the involved community. United in collective blessings, we can nurture cultural awareness and acceptance, bringing together diverse backgrounds through shared experiences. This process shapes a closely-knit community, cultivating a shared purpose that fosters empathy and deep understanding.By acknowledging and honouring diverse cultures and traditions, we break down barriers and foster respect and mutual understanding. presented by PF25 cultural projects curated by Angelika Li Community Engagement Days | 16 - 17.10.2023 | 12 - 19h Venue | Radio X, Freilager-Platz Opening Performance by Hedy Leung | Friday 20.10.2023 | 1730 h Venue | Transbona-Halle, Florenz-Strasse 13 ​HOW TO GET THERE public transport: Tram 11 to Freilager or Tram 10 / Bus 36 to Dreispitz // By car from Basel City towards Münchenstein / Dreispitz-Freilager, entrance gate 13, Parking garage: Ruchfeld FESTIVAL OPENING HOURS Friday, October 20th | 1730H - 22H Saturday, October 21st |12H - 22H PF25 Residency Lau Kin Wai at Atelier Mondial, September 2023 Lau Kin Wai embarked on his artistic career by writing art reviews for the 'Hong Kong Economic Journal' from 1986 to 1995. During this period, he authored three books: 'Landscape in the Mirror' (1987), 'Moveable Landscape' (1990), and 'Inside and Outside the Frame' (1992). In 1989, Kin Wai pioneered the concept of private dining, a trend that had a significant impact not only in Hong Kong but also in Taiwan and mainland China. His dedication to culinary excellence led to his restaurant '留家廚房' Kin’s Kitchen being awarded a Michelin star. In 1997, Kin Wai curated ‘The Calligraphy of Tsang Tsou-choi, The King of Kowloon’ which transformed the way many people perceive 'Art Brut'. Not only does he write about art, he also practises calligraphy and ink on paper. During his PF25 residency at Atelier Mondial in September, Kin Wai develops a new project ‘black on black’ in ink art. Some captures of our studio visit and conversations with Kin Wai can be viewed on our PF25 IG . Exhibition Homeland in Transit Artists from Hong Kong, Taipei, and the Diaspora 14 September - 12 November Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, E-WERK Freiburg, DE Link to Curatorial Notes ARTISTS ​ Hedy Leung Performative Installation Leung has a holistic approach to the balance of energies between human and nature. In her everyday practice, she explores the healing and revitalizing powers of sound, plants, and sogetsu ikebana. ​ Isaac Chong Wai, Traces in Silence Solo Presentation, Galerie I The political and performative qualities of Chong’s artistic practice are incorporated by an interdisciplinary approach, processing the exigency of societal shifts and global phenomena.​ ​ Winnie Soon, Unerasable Characters II, (2017 - 2020) Custom-software installation, Galerie II Soon is an artist coder and researcher interested in the cultural implications of digital infrastructure that addresses wider power asymmetries. ​ Oscar Chan Yik Long, A Horror to the Eyes of all Men Seeking Faith Site-specific installation, Galerie II Chan’s artistic practice focuses on personal experience and explores the conditions of life, how individuals associate themselves with others, fear, mythologies and popular visual culture. ​ Leung Chi Wo, Only Time Can Tell, 2010 Installation, Galerie II ​As a visual artist, Leung combines historical explorations with conceptual investigations in a modern urban setting. Anson Mak, The Black Wall, 2022 Super 8 film/video, colour, stereo, Galerie II Moving image and sound artist Anson Mak is interested in urban redevelopment, queer culture and well-being in the forms of experimental ethnography and essay film. ​ Angela Su, The Afterlife of Rosy Leavers, 2017 Video, Galerie II ​Su explores perception and imagery of the body through metamorphosis, hybridity and transformation. Her research-based projects materialize in drawings, videos, hair embroidery, performative and installation works. Musquiqui Chihying, The Camera (16), 2016 Video , Galerie II ​The filmmaker and multimedia artist Musquiqui Chihying explores the cultural and social identities constructed through the flow and circulation of audiovisual elements. HOMELAND IN TRANSIT Homeland in Transit is a series of exhibitions by Angelika Li. Through her move from Hong Kong to Basel in 2017, Li began to explore the complex and changing nature of „homeland“. The exhibition series explores different narratives and aspects of „homeland“: with borders, history, memory, cultural identity, diaspora, displacement and beyond. image: Anson Mak, The Black Wall, 2022, film still, (c) courtesy the artist. Vernissage photos by Marc Doradzillo © photos no. 17-18, 20, 22-26 by PF25 cultural projects ​ ​ Recent Aug 2023 Residency, Community, Exhibition Luke Ching in collaboration with Mei Cheung August 2023 Basel ON THE GROUND The act of embarking on a journey involves slowly distancing oneself from the familiar environment and transforming into a stranger in a new place. This process is essential in evoking one's sense of place and sharpening one's sensibilities and power of observation, as well as recalling the natural desire to communicate with people upon first encounter. By taking advantage of the benefits that come with a break from daily routines, ‘On the Ground’ showcases Luke Ching's ongoing projects and collaborations with Mei Cheung during their one-month PF25 residency in Basel. Through a combination of videos, installations, and workshops, the exhibition explores the experiences of language, folk arts, urban weeds, and music that connect us to a place, whether it is the artists' hometown or the city they are about to get acquainted with. ‘On the Ground’ invites viewers to reflect on their own sense of place and the relationships they form with new environments, ultimately prompting a deeper understanding and appreciation of the communities and cultures that shape our world. ​ > Info Sheet > Exhibition Part I Map ​ ​ ​ ‘On the Ground’ Commun ity Projects / Workshops (1) Secret Garden: Know the Weeds Unattended, widespread, sometimes invisible but never disappeared, weeds quietlywitness the life of a place. Each place has its unique combination of weeds with the stories of people living in the neighborhood embedded in. By getting to know the weeds in a particular place, we can develop a sense of attachment to that place. Derived from ‘Remember a Weed. Bid a Farewell’, a community art activity led by Luke Ching and Mei Cheung in Tai Po, Hong Kong in September 2022, the duo plans to introduce a selection of Hong Kong weeds to the people of Basel and engage them in a sculpture-making and installation process to learn about the unique weed combinations in Basel. Through this, they hope to create a connection between the two cities through the shared language of plants. Interestingly enough, Bauhinia × blakeana, the flower emblem of Hong Kong, is in fact belonged to a genus named after the Bauhin brothers Gaspard and Johann, pioneering Swiss botanists in the 16 th century born and lived in Basel. (2) Easy to Learn Cantonese: Farewell 再見 ‘Easy to Learn Cantonese’ is an ongoing art project that was first conceived by Luke Ching during his artist-in-residency program at New York's P.S.1 in 1999. The project was later brought to Fukuoka Asian Arts Museum's artist-in-residence program in 2006, with Mei Cheung participating as the Cantonese tutor in both versions. Over the past twenty-four years, the project has attracted more than five hundred participants, and the artist finds it increasingly relevant today, especially given the recent wave of emigration from Hong Kong. For this new version of the project, the artist will teach the word ‘Joy Gin’ (farewell) to new friends met during the residency. In Cantonese, the word ‘Joy Gin’ means "to meet again" and is especially poignant given the current circumstances. The class will conclude when each participant can pronounce the word perfectly, fully conveying its meaning. The learning process will be documented in a short film and screened alongside videos from the previous two versions, offering a glimpse into the evolution of the project over time. (3) Folk Art Series: Cockroach 曱甴 Folk handicrafts are popular souvenirs to give when meeting someone for the first time. Luke Ching has developed a cockroach craft using modern urban materials since the 1990s. This unique folk art represents modern Hong Kong in a humorous way and has been introduced to people around the world through cockroach workshops in different cities such as Fukuoka, Manchester, Blackburn, Singapore, and Taipei. Ching will teach this skill to people in Basel by conducting masterclasses and workshops. Human beings are the only animals in the world that intentionally create objects of fear for themselves. Despite being afraid of cockroaches himself, Luke Ching created them purely from his imagination. At the exhibition, a video titled ‘Panic Disorder’ will be screened, showing Ching's hands performing the cockroach-making process without holding any materials. ​ The artists are supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Programme + Artists Info Residency, Research Essa Lin July 2023 Basel REALSCAPES When the Flowers and Weeds Bloom, Do We Walk On the Railway Tracks or Truck Loading Bay? Between a decade-long practice in photo documentation of environments, studying landscapes, and recent practice in recreating daily living and working environments in the machine learning realm, 'Parallel Confluence' is Essa’s enquiry into human perception between reality and machine imaginations. Through the residency at PF25 with partner institution Atelier Mondial, the research is based upon the context of Hong Kong and Basel. In the gallery, a ‘Reality Test’ can be devised, where Essa invites the participants to measure their perception of real and generated environments whilst browsing all the images presented in the gallery space, thus enquire about their own understanding of machine learning visual characteristics, and level of recognition to their own cities. This level of recognition is highly subjective and would be dependent on one’s personal memories and experiences of geographical, cultural, biodiversity identification, practice in generative technologies, and more, thus is an experiment of our relationship with environments and the machine learning realm. ESSA LIN (b. 1993, Hong Kong, lives & works in Hong Kong) Essa is trained in landscape architecture, mural painting and fashion design, thus her works integrate cross-disciplinary media in design to explore human relationship with generative nature. She works on agricultural and ecological planning in Northern New Territories and research on Lantau Island where she lives and works. She is a graduate member of the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects. July 2023 Bouie Choi 2023 Residency, Community Projects, Exhibition Bouie Choi May - June 2023 Basel EXHIBITION INFO PROGRAMME Stories Exchange Community Event : Bring a postcard and share your stories! Wednesday, 31 May 2023 Doors open: 18h Sharing session by the artist: 19h Venue: Nonnenweg 45, 4055 Basel Solo Exhibition: We stay up late to behold the beauty of the stars Tuesday, 13 June, 18 -21h Venue: Pfeffergässlein 25, 4051 Basel, entrance at Nadelberg 33 Viewing by appointment only until 30 June ​ The above programme is supported by: Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Christoph Merian Stiftung, mobani GmbH, and Achtsamkeit Basel Event sponsor: Meow Kong Programme curator : Angelika Li Programme coordinator: Celine Ngai Bouie Choi (b. 1987, Hong Kong, lives & works in Hong Kong) Bouie Choi grew up in Hong Kong, surrounded by high-rise buildings that shape the city's urban landscape. Through her paintings, she weaves together fragments of memory and collected stories to depict the co-existence of the visible and invisible, light and darkness, and the real and surreal. Bouie uses the force of urban imagery and light to create a manifestation of infinite borrowed space and time, bridging the gap between tangibles and intangibles. Recently, she has focused on using wood to explore the definition of freedom, employing multi-perspective and layers of time to deepen her state of mind. After receiving her MA at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2012, Choi started participating in community art and cross-media collaborations. Her unwavering commitment to painting is driven by a profound curiosity about how the environment and social values leave lasting impressions on individuals. Her works play with absurdity from different contexts, finding them carriers and bringing new meanings to texts, objects, and two-dimensional art. Choi also participates in community art programs and has formed an art collective with other Hong Kong artists named the "CHT. Art Project". During Bouie's residency in Basel, we invite you to bring a postcard of your homeland to the community project on 31 May, where you can share your stories with us. This exchange will serve as part of the inspiration for Bouie's upcoming exhibition, entitled 'We stay up late to behold the beauty of the stars,' which opens in Basel on 13 June. Her exhibition seeks to capture the emotional resonance and complexity between the ‘interior and exterior’ worlds, the physical and metaphysical, and the multi-perspectives of ‘far and close’ oscillating between different times and dimensions. photo by Maris Mezurlis Random Diaries Sogetsu Ikebana performance 202200080026 by Hedy Leung as part of 'Random Diaries' and Art Basel VIP Programme Zurich, June 2023 installation photo: Tashi Brauen Hedy Leung 202200080026 ​ Performance Sogetsu Ikebana Event: Saturday, 10 June 19.00-19.30 Venue: St Jakobstrasse 41, 8004 Zurich Art Basel VIP Programme ​ Taking inspiration from other works in this exhibition and primarily based on her recent migration journey from Hong Kong to London, Hedy Leung has created a group of vessels entitled 202200080026 (2023), which embody diasporic sentiments. Adapted from the title format used in both her visual ikebana diary and personal journal, the artwork is aptly named as a record of her move from her homeland to a new destination. The hand-built vessels are constructed - and protected - using packing materials including the sheer papers Hedy received from a logistics company as the first layer, while newsprint wrapping papers form the second layer. The final layer is strengthened with newspapers collected from an ikebana shop where she ordered materials from Japan. The artist then dyed the newspapers in the iconic colours of the Red-White-Blue bag to further imbue the artwork with the spirit of the journey. The packing materials are transformed into vessels of memories documenting her personal and emotional journeys. In the Sogetsu Ikebana performance as part of the exhibition, Hedy interacts with the vessels and invites the audience to reflect on the essence of ikebana, which is to live in the moment. The vessels also serve as a reminder to cherish and appreciate the precious items and memories that we carry with us. Each layer of protection used in the construction of the vessels represents the care and importance given to those items that are most precious. Excerpted from the curatorial essay 'Random Diaries 2019-2023' by Angelika Li. Exhibition Random Diaries Group exhibition of eight Hong Kong and Swiss artists May - June 2023 Zurich installation photo: Tashi Brauen RANDOM DIARIES Tashi Brauen Oscar Chan Yik Long Leung Chi Wo Hedy Leung Lo Lai Lai Natalie Andreas Marti Angela Su Wai Pong Yu ​ Curated by Angelika Li Co-presented by Meow Kong and PF25 cultural projects Vernissage Saturday, 13 May 2023, 14-20h Exhibition 16 May - 18 June 2023 , Tue - Sat 11-19h Sundays 11 & 18 June, 11-19h Venue Meow Kong, St Jakobstrasse 41, 8004 Zurich +41 79 264 90 00 About the project & this exhibition > 'Homeland in Transit' site > Curatorial Essay photo: Centrik Isler Demonstration Sogetsu Ikebana by Hedy Leung Kirschblütenfest, VitraHaus, Vitra Campus Sunday, 2 April 2023, 15.30 Weil am Rhein Workshop Sogetsu Ikebana Spring Workshop by Hedy Leung March 2023 Basel Event PF25 first meeting and event in Hong Kong art space 1983, Kam Tin January 2023 Hong Kong Greetings We wish you a healthy and energetic Year of the Rabbit! February 2023 Hong Kong Link to PF25 : 2022 Programme contact Contact +41 61 209 9259 Pffefergässlein 25 4051 Basel Switzerland

  • 2018-2020 projects archive | PF25

    projects archive 2018 - 2020 2018 p rojects & e vents ​ Jan 14-18 Hong Kong writer Vivienne Chow introduction to Basel & research studies in Basel – ‘On Women’ Jeannine Appel + Vivienne Chow x Angelika Li ​ Jun 9-19 Hong Kong x Tokyo x Basel Art Ecology Observations Rika Fujiki & Yukiko Kakiuchi x Angelika Li & Donald Mak ​ Jun 10–19 Hong Kong writer Vivienne Chow research studies in Basel – ‘On Women’ ​ Jun 17 Project Launch Events of PF25 + introduction of the current research and contributors Rika Fujiki & Yukiko Kakiuchi + Vivienne Chow + Angelika Li & Donald Mak ​ Jun 25 - 26 Hong Kong artist Kingsley Ng - introduction to Basel ​ July 1 – 3 Hong Kong artist Warren Leung - introduction to Basel Aug 30 – Sep 1 Polish artist Marysia Lewandowska research study in Basel Sep 10-17 Hong Kong writer Vennes Cheng - introduction to Basel Oct 30 ‘Herbstmesse – The Autumn Fair in Basel’ – Photo Documentation by Maris Merzulis Dec 1 ‘Hello Hong Kong’ – a Hong Kong handsewn bag project invited by Simonett and Baer Galerie, Basel featuring works by upcyclying expert and designer-maker Ken Hung from Hong Kong Dino Simonett & Martina Baer x Angelika & Ken Hung ​ Dec 1 ‘Hong Kong Album’ – an exhibition of Hong Kong photos by Hedy Leung, curated by Angelika Li at Simonett & Baer Galerie, Basel Hedy Leung x Dino Simonett & Martina Baer x Angelika Li ​ ​ 2019 p rojects / e vents + c ontributors ​ Jan 25 ‘Food Cultures – HONG KONG x BASEL’ by Donald Mak: Looking at the hotpot traditions of the two cities Chantal Konrad x Angelika Li & Donald Mak Jan 30 –Feb 5 Hong Kong curator Kwok Ying and architect Hong Wong - introduction to Basel ​ Mar 11-14 ‘Fasnacht Basel’ (the Basel carnival) – interview and case study of Schonooggerkerzli Clique Benedikt Vonder Mühll of Schonooggerkerzli Clique ​ Mar 12 Monocle Daily Radio Interview with Angelika Li on the cultural heritage of the Basel carnival ​ Mar 3 – 7 ‘Crossing Oceans – MAP Office’ research at PF25 and presentation of the artist duo MAP Office’s practice on Mar 5 MAP Office Mar 6 Presentation of MAP Office at Herzog & de Meuron ​ April 8 Studio Visit and Conversations with Hong Kong artist Hanison Lau on ‘24 Solar Terms’ Hanison Lau x Angelika Li & Donald Mak May 5 ‘Food Cultures – BASEL x HONG KONG’ by Chantal Konrad on Spargel ​ Jun 22–24 Yan Yung of Coutou Woodworking Studio and Garfield Chan introduction to Basel and Basel-Land through nature walks ​ 2020 p rojects / events + c ontributors Jan 23 ‘Food Cultures – HONG KONG x BASEL’ on Lunar New Year traditional cakes making Queenie Lee ​ Feb 28 Fasnacht Mask-making workshop The Appel Family Feb 28 Fasnacht Tour in the Old Town and the lower Pfeffergässlein by Robbie Appel Jun 30 Post-performance interview with Thomas Keller and Balthasar Streif of Alphorn group Alponom ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 1/2

  • PF25 & our board members | PF25 cultural projects

    Basel x Hong Kong Imagine if Basel and Hong Kong were two people meeting for the first time. What would they talk about? Where would they find points of intersection? How do they get to know each other better? ​ ​ what is PF25 cultural projects? ​ PF25 cultural projects is a Basel-based non-profit organisation which aims to build mutual understanding, to develop an intercultural network and to generate creative energies between Basel and Hong Kong. Our cultural exchange and research approach is on-the-ground and about daily life, observed and engaged through a wide range of activities. We bring people together in workshops, talks, screenings, exhibitions, field trips, interviews, pop-ups, publications and more. This allows PF25 to foster dialogues and deepen understanding between the two city-regions, welcoming diverse stories and wide perspectives across generations. We strive to discover connections through reflections, to expand our spectrum of imagination and to explore possibilities of living for the future. PF25 cultural projects receives funding from Christoph Merian Stiftung. We have the pleasure to be the partner of Atelier Mondial in our exhibition and residency programmes. We hope our projects will enable us to contribute a small part to the city development and archives of the two cities. ​ ​ ​ cultural projects AL Bio our board members ​ ​ Angelika Li Co-founder & President ​ Angelika is committed to engaging with the essence of local culture, heritage and valued stories, and driving a continuous dialogue between local and international communities. She is the founder and curator of the exhibition series 'Homeland in Transit' (Basel 2019-2022, Berlin 2020-2021, Murrhardt 2021 & Zollikon 2022) channelling narratives and imaginations of ‘homeland’ from Hong Kong perspectives: borders, boundaries, roots, diaspora, cultural identity, colonial ideologies and interweaving them with experiences and voices from other parts of the world. Angelika was engaged as an expert for Asia Society Switzerland’s ‘Generation Asia’ programme in 2021. Her other curatorial projects include 'Dorothee Sauter: Geology, Cooking Hearts and other stories' (Basel, 2021), 'Hong Kong Video Talks', Atelier Mondial (Basel/Münchenstein, 2022); the public programme for ‘Brice Marden: Inner Space’ (Kunstmuseum Basel, 2022) and the performance Difference/Indifference by artist Isaac Chong Wai (Basler Münster, commissioned by Kunsttage Basel 2022). Before moving to Switzerland in 2017, Angelika was the founding director of MILL6 Foundation bringing it to ICOM museum status and the Award for Arts Promotion by Hong Kong Arts Development Council in 2016. Her previous exhibitions and projects include ‘Tracing some places. Leung Chi Wo’ (Hong Kong, 2015); ’Textile Thinking – The International Symposium’ at Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art 2016 co-organised with Zhejiang Art Museum; and ‘Social Fabric. New works by Kwan Cheung Chi and Mariana Hahn’ in collaboration with David Elliott (Hong Kong, 2016). Ursula Hürzeler Vice-President ​ Ursula co-founded Rahbaran Hürzeler Architects in 2011 in Basel. She has worked at diverse offices in Switzerland and Spain gaining extensive experience in the field of design, project management and execution. Ursula worked at Herzog & de Meuron from 2006 to 2011where she was involved in the project management of various largescale projects. Ursula was born in Solothurn, Switzerland and received her architecture degree from ETH Zürich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. She has taught and researched at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts FHNW in Basel from 2011 to 2014 and at Lucerne University HSLU in 2018. Since 2019, she has been appointed Professor at the Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW in Basel. Ursula is currently a member of the Urban Planning Commission of the Canton Basel-Land, selected member of the Federation of Swiss Architects FSA and consultant and coordinator for the architecture mediation programme of the Kunstmuseum Basel. Donald Mak Co-founder, Secretary & Treasurer ​ Donald Mak works in the strategy, design, communication and realisation of architecture and art projects, with a focus on exhibitions, publications, platforms and spaces. He is currently an Associate at Herzog & de Meuron (HdM), starting his collaboration on architecture projects in 2003 with the National Stadium in Beijing, with contributions to 56 Leonard in New York, the Musée Unterlinden in Colmar, France, and M+ museum in Hong Kong. He is also deeply involved in the many communication objectives developed at HdM, with a focus on leading the conception and production of specific exhibitions, publications and special projects extending from architecture including HdM Complete Works Volumes 5 and 6, Treacherous Transparencies, Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2012, Park Avenue Armory and Elbphilharmonie Hamburg, as well as exhibition installations at the 2012 Architecture Biennale in Venice and the upcoming exhibition at Royal Academy of Arts, London in 2021. ​ Donald graduated in 2000 from the University of Toronto. He has previously collaborated with Bruce Mau Design, working with various cultural institutions, galleries, museums and artists. He has also worked independently on a range of publications and exhibitions. In 2007, “Altas of Novel Tectonics” Princeton Architectural Press, New York designed by Donald in collaboration with Reto Gieser won the world’s highest award for book design, the ‘Golden Letter’ from the Stiftung Buchkunst at the Leipzig Book Fair. He collaborates with Angelika Li on the curatorial project Homeland in Transit. UH Bio DM Bio

  • 2021 Programme | Pf25 Cultural Projects

    About This is your About Page. It's a great opportunity to give a full background on who you are, what you do and what your website has to offer. Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want to share with site visitors. Mission This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors. Vision This is a Paragraph. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start editing the content and make sure to add any relevant details or information that you want to share with your visitors. 2021 programme November Hong Kong Guest Chef! In November, Angelika Li of PF25 cultural projects was invited by Dominic Erny, in-house chef of Kunstbetrieb, Münchenstein to be guest-chef for a day making dishes from Hong Kong to share with the team at this art production workshop. Happy to chat and exchange with the enthusiastic artists, makers and staff, and see the empty plates afterwards! November Asia Society Switzerland It was a pleasure sharing our Hong Kong observations and experience with the bright young fellows of the Generation Asia programme 2021! Many congratulations on their graduation! September Asia Society Switzerland Co-founder of PF25 Angelika Li has been invited to be one of the experts for the Generation Asia 2021 ,an annual guided programme in which Asia Society Switzerland aims to enable the next generation to engage with Asia on eye-level and build a community of Asia-curious people. May The University of Hong Kong An Artist's Visit and Homeland in Transit HONG KONG: 13 June 2021 11h CET 17h HKT SEMINAR: ARCHITECTURE AND THE CITY - PF25 & HOMELAND IN TRANSIT Department of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong Meeting ID: 973 8132 0005 Password: 297006 July Community Project - Hongkongers in Switzerland A big tree makes good shade and the shade gathers people 樹大可成蔭樹蔭好聚人 by Hong Kong artist Luke Ching Different Hongkong communities in Switzerland and Germany have been invited to participate in and respond to Hong Kong artist Luke Ching' s project ‘A big tree makes good shade and the shade gathers people’ as part of the new chapter ‘Through the Clouds’ of the exhibition series 'Homeland in Transit' which was on view concurrently at Ein Fenster in mitten der Welt in Wolfkenhof, Murrhardt (4.6~22.7) and Momentum Worldwide, Kunstquartier Bethanien in Berlin (11~25.7). Let's hear how the young creative minds respond: 'Ein 100 Jähriges Blatt und der großer Baum'von Cynthia Ru 100 Jahre zuvor gab es einen Setzling mit nur einem kleinen Blatt, er war sehr dünn und winzig. Nach 20 Jahren wuchs er sehr viel mit mehr Blättern, aber es war immer noch kein Baum. Um ein Baum zu werden, brauchte es Zeit. In seinen 30 Jahren wuchs es zu einem jungen Baum heran, aber es ist kurz und klein. In den folgenden 10 Jahren wuchs er langsam, wurde größer und konnte nun wie ein Baum aussehen! Als der Baum 60 Jahre alt war, hatte er einen geraden Stamm und einen Ast, der wie sein rechter Arm aussah, in dem auch ein Blatt wuchs. Als er 80 Jahre alt war, gab es eine kleine Baumhöhle im Stamm.Ein alter Baum muss auch seine eigene Baumhöhle bekommen. Der Specht war eine Vogelart, die es liebte, mit ihrem Schnabel auf den Stamm des alten Baumes zu trommeln. Boo Boo Boo Boo.... Als der Specht den Baum verließ, wurde die Form der Höhle festgelegt und geformt. Als der Baum 90 Jahre alt war, gab es einen weiteren Ast auf der linken Seite. Jetzt, im Alter von 100 Jahren, war die Baumhöhle groß, und es gab auch zwei große Äste in den beiden Seiten. Das 100-jährige Blatt fiel auf den Boden. Die Wissenschaftler fand dieses Blatt und entdeckte das Leben vor 100 Jahren. Dies ist die Magie der Natur; die Natur kann alles tun! übersetzt von Viona Lee Dominic in Switzerland wrote: ‘the leaves are from different trees but are together. I think it is about how different people can cooperate and unite. Like us, different but all from Hong Kong’. IMG_0807 IMG_0749 IMG_0744 IMG_0807 1/7 May Cultural Exchange Hong Kong x Basel Due to the global pandemic situation, our 2021 Research Residents Bouie Choi and South Ho from Hong Kong will postpone their visit to Basel, Switzerland. Bouie Choi South Ho Courtesy the artists Click to 2018-2020 projects archive

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    books BASEL x HONG KONG Every website has a story, and your visitors want to hear yours. This space is a great opportunity to give a full background on who you are, what your team does, and what your site has to offer. Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want site visitors to know. If you’re a business, talk about how you started and share your professional journey. Explain your core values, your commitment to customers, and how you stand out from the crowd. Add a photo, gallery, or video for even more engagement. Meet The Team Don Francis Founder & CEO Ashley Jones Tech Lead Tess Brown Office Manager Lisa Rose Product Manager Kevin Nye HR Lead Alex Young Customer Support Lead Our Clients

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    A Blossom a Day Sogetsu Ikebana Family Workshop with Hedy Leung Saturday, 2 December 1500 - 1700 Salon Mondial, Freilager-platz 9, Münchenstein/Basel (Tram 11: Freilager) This workshop is offered free of charge on a first-come-first serve basis. Donation is welcome to help cover the material and workshop costs. ​ Registration is essential. Kindly send your request with the names of the participants to: ​ ​ The artist will provide several demonstrations, illustrating how to create a simple ikebana work by using a mug. ​ Participants are encouraged to bring a mug to the workshop to make an Ikebana work, which they will then exchange with others. The exchange of mugs signifies the initiation of new friendships by sharing elements of our culture, comfort, and memories with those we meet in the workshop. Concept about the workshop ​ The exquisite beauty of blossoms serves a symbol of the daily joys and inspiration that grace our lives. By utilising flowers as a representation of our everyday experiences and emotions, we embark on a profound exploration of the intricate relationship between the art of ikebana and personal expression. Considering for a moment a simple mug, which can hold within its form a moment of reflection and contemplation. It embodies the serene act of savouring a daily cup of tea or coffee while penning thoughts in a diary. It is a ubiquitous ritual, shared by countless individuals, the warmth of a morning beverage filling their favorite mug. This ritual integrates into a daily diary-writing routine, offering a precious moment for one to capture anecdotes, experiences, thoughts, and emotions, while sipping from their mug. Incorporating mugs into the ikebana workshop lends a thematic approach to journaling Much like a diary, a mug becomes a vessel through which we express our innermost thoughts and feelings, only this time, it’s through the medium of an ikebana practice within the mug, as opposed to the written word. Within the workshop, participants will immerse themselves in the art of ikebana while concurrently nurturing a profound sense of connection, symbolised by the mug. The essence of this concept lies in making ikebana within mugs, with the added dimension of exchanging these mugs with fellow participants. This exchange not only encourages interpersonal connections but also fosters a deeper understanding of one another through ikebana. ​ Click here for the artist's biography. Fantasy Basel 2023 Ikebana International Basel Chapter Exhibition Messe Basel Sōgetsu-ryū (草月流) Japanese Flower Arrangement Sogetsu Ikebana Demonstration by Hedy Leung with vessels by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec and Laura Sattin as part of the Kirschblütenfest auf dem Vitra Campus Sunday, 2 April 2023, 3.30pm Tadao Ando Conference Pavilion, Vitra Design Museum Charles-Eames-Strasse, Weil am Rhein, DE Free entrance Photo: Dejan Jovanovic, Vitra Design Museum Sogetsu Ikebana Japanese Flower Arrangement Workshop by certified practitioner Hedy Leung ​ ​ ​coming w orkshops in March 2023 ​ Friday 10 March 1800-2000h ​ Saturday 11 March (i) 1400-1600h (ii) 1630-1830h ​ Wednesday 15 March 1800-2000h ​ Thursday 16 March 1800-2000h ​ a maximum of 6 students per workshop ​ Where: Pfeffergässlein 25, 4051 Basel via Nadelberg 33 How much: CHF80 per person per workshop What is included: demonstration, tools and materials will be provided, flowers can be taken with you after the workshop a cup of tea served upon your arrival Registration is essential: send your name, contact number, date of workshop and number of participants to ​ For enquiry of private / corporate workshops or other request click here About the Artist ​ ​ Hedy Leung is Sogetsu Ikebana and sound artist. She is a member of the Sogetsu Teachers' Association and Ikebana International Switzerland (Basel Chapter). She learnt under the tutelage of sensei Mr Ho Hin Shing (1st Riji) since 2017. In 2022, she received the Sogetsu Ikebana Teachers' Diploma (3rd Grade Sankyu Shihan). ​ Hedy is a certified senior Chinese medicated food dietician with the recognition of the International General Chinese Medicated Meal of Self Recovery Association as well as the Commercial Vocational Skill Certificate from The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, The PRC. ​ In 2020, Hedy graduated with the Diploma Program in Practical Chinese Medicine (Chinese Medicine Nutritional Studies) at The University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education. She has a bachelor degree of Social Science in Psychology Studies, Hong Kong Metropolitan University. Hedy has completed the BioGeometry Advanced Training in 2021 (Levels 4-6: Energy-Quality Balancing & Measurement, Environmental Energy Balancing and Design Principles). ​ Hedy's recent work include: 'Menhir Tapestry 1' (2023) for the opening performance for Radio X Arts Festival, Basel; '202300080026' (2023), a performative installation for 'Homeland in Transit' opening at E-WERK Freiburg, and 'Random Diaries' Zurich; 'Hands Project' PF25 Basel (2022); Spring Festival at Vitra Museum; and Giardina Zurich. a blossom a day dec 2023 Hedy Leung Bio on Sogetsu Ikebana ​​ ​ Ikebana gives life to the present moment. Every moment counts, not one moment repeats itself. Ikebana is an encounter between humans and plants. Flowers and stems are given a new life when they are arranged in a vessel or a space. Ikebana allows flowers and vessels, which exist on their own, to become one. A different harmonious beauty is created. Ikebana is a tactile art. Enjoying visual movement through our hands, it allows us unique opportunities to experience the flower, the vessel and space. In this workshop on Ikebana, we will explore the flower’s rhythm flows in our imaginations and the inspiring energy between the organic vessels and the plant arrangements. ​ Hedy Leung Previous Workshops ​ Sogetsu Ikebana Japanese Flower Arrangement Workshop by certified practitioner Hedy Leung ​​​ Private Workshops:​ Wednesday 9 Nov - afternoon Tuesday 15 Nov - evening Wednesday 16 Nov - afternoon Thursday 17 Nov - afternoon - reserved from 4 to 6 participants ​ Where: Pfeffergässlein 25, 4051 Basel via Nadelberg 33 ​ How much: CHF 80 per person ​ What is included: demonstration, tools and materials will be provided, flowers can be taken with you after the workshop Registration is essential: send your name, contact number, date of workshop and number of participants to ​ For private / corporate workshops and other enquiries: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Past group workshops in October and November 2022: Fridays 28.10 1800-1930h 04.11 1800-1930h ​ Saturdays 22.10 1630-1800h 29.10 1630-1800h maximum of 6 participants per workshop ​ ​ Mail

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    support us PF25 cultural projects is a Switzerland-based non-profit organisation which aims to build mutual understanding, to develop an intercultural network and to create active synergies through meaningful, on-the-ground cultural exchanges generated by research with a focus on Hong Kong and Basel - and extending to other regions of Switzerland - with a view to expanding a wider spectrum of imagination and to exploring more diverse possibilities of living for the future. ​ In 2022, our team is very glad that we receive funding from Christoph Merian Stiftung in Basel to support parts of our annual programme. We are also very honoured and excited to co-organise programmes with our institution partner Atelier Mondial in Münchenstein/Basel. In order to realise our projects, your participation and support are much needed for different communities and generations, experiences and ideas to be gathered and shared through various platforms to foster cultural dialogues and deepen understanding. ​ Donations are much appreciated. Please find our account info as follows: ​ IBAN: CH84 0900 0000 1565 6749 8 BIC: POFICHBEXXX Bank: PostFinance Account Name: PF25 cultural projects, Basel ​ ​ ​ ​ +41 61 209 92 59 Pffefergässlein 25 4051 Basel Switzerland Thank you for your participation and support! Team PF25 ​ ​ ​ PF25 receives annual funding from ​ ​ ​ our supporters Chinyan Wong mobani GmbH our institutional partners our event sponsor our venue partners Raymond Gaëtan Architecture + Development our partners / collabora tors Art & Culture Outreach ACO, Hong Kong ​ Atelier Mondial , Münchenstein/Basel ​ Bored Wolves, Kraków ​ cmbb culture matters beyond borders, Hong Kong ​ Coutou Wood Working, Hong Kong ​ 過海的‧藝術計劃 CHT.ArtProject , Hong Kong ​ Kunsttage Basel ​ Ma Umi Residencies, Ishigaki ​ Momentum, Ber lin ​ Simonett & Baer Galerie ​ Zit-Dim Art Space, Tainan ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ our research contributors ​ Jeannine, Robert and Alain Appel Martina Baer Simone Berger Lucien Bricola Oscar Chan Yik Long Agathe Chenaux-Repond Luke Ching Bouie Choi Isaac Chong Wai Copa & Sordes Kennis Falkner May Fung South Ho Catherine Hurzeler Ken Hung Thomas Keller Brigitte Koller Chantal Konrad Hanison Lau Lau Kin Wai Queenie Lee Viona Lee Hedy Leung Lo Lai Lai Natalie Martin Lopp acher NEWSworthy HK MAP Office Maris Mezulis Benedikt Vonder Mühll Celine Ngai Laura Sattin Dorothee Sauter Dino Simonett Irène Speiser Balthasar Streif Angela Su Oliver Trueb Chinyan Wong Yim Sui Fong Yan Yung ​ collected stories more about us and our board members

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    index Spring 2024 Dorothee Sauter: Tumbling through time Villa Garage, Basel ​ ​ 2024 PF25 2024 programme Spring 2024 Exhibition, Artist Talk BASEL Tumbling Through Time A solo exhibition of Dorothee Sauter Villa Renata , Basel ​ Vernissage: Saturday, 23 March, 17-21h Artist-guided Tour: Sunday, 24 March, 16h Artist - Curator Conversatio (in German and English) Friday, 26. April, 17:30 Uhr Socinstrasse 16 4051 Basel ​ This exhibition is c urated by Angelika Li, co-presented by Villa Ren ata an d PF25 cultural projects image credit: Julian Salinas ​ Curator's Notes Angelika Li, Tokyo 2024 ​ From her last solo exhibition in 2021 entitled ‘Geology, Cooking Heart, Curiosity, and other stories’ in Basel, Swiss ceramic artist Dorothee Sauter progresses forward, responding to her observations of the world in ‘Tumbling through time’ at Villa Renata in 2024. Scattering across a white plain in the Garage space, fourteen works made through Sauter’s experiments with her unique techniques test the limits of clay, minerals, porcelain, glazes, pigments. Each piece is individual, yet as a group they generate conversations and resonate with one another’s energy: an animated cycle of scenarios populated with uncanny characters and gestures. ​ With three years between the two solo exhibitions of Sauter, the world indeed has faced drastic changes. This has prompted the artist to reflect heavily on the human condition worldwide. The new sculptures created between 2022 and 2024 are given titles such as ‘Risky theory’ (2024), ‘Tumbling through time’ 1 to 3 (2023), Vase 7 (2022), Food gatherer (2022), and Heartbeat (2022). ​ To Sauter, her sculptures are films for the mind’s eye: fragments of memory whether conscious or subconscious, moments in a lecture, images in the newspaper, something she has seen but cannot fully understand, stimulation by science and literature. Her goal is not only the finished sculptures and vessels, it is also her developing process: the peculiar poetry of becoming, the dance between intent and chance. ​ Images from the news are impactful sources for this exhibition. In a bird’s eye view image, Sauter saw a city that was bombed out 90%. Lives gone, homes and cities falling apart. Rubble, skeletal structures, memories remain. In a newspaper, Sauter saw a photo of two young boys walking in debris, wearing flimsy plastic flip-flops, carrying a large pipe-looking object on their shoulders. What is it they are actually carrying? Where are they heading? To build a water pipe for their grandmother or to prepare a shelter or weapon? How do we deal with absurdity as humans? To Sauter, nature is where she takes refuge and inspiration. Not only is nature a medium that interconnects her with other people in the world, simply walking in the forest, mountains, being in nature is a healing process on a personal level. Sauter’s curiosity in biology and microbiology leads her to wonder about what plants do. How do they build their networks, and how do they fight against adversity and heal after atrocities? What is the future of humanity? ​ ​ ​ ​ London Met Spring 2024 Performance, Panel Discussion LONDON ​ Ethno-Botanic Resonance An Ikebana performance by Hedy Leung curated by Angelika Li, followed by a panel discussion The Wash Houses, ondon Metropolitan University 6 March 2024 About this event ​ In partnership with the Liliesleaf Trust UK and PF25 cultural projects, and in collaboration with Chelsea Physic Garden , CREATURE (Centre for Creative Arts, Cultures and Engagement) presents Ethno-Botanic Resonance. It comprises an artist performance and a panel discussion with art and cultural practitioners, a botany specialist, and a social anthropologist, fostering a visual and conceptual dialogue on ethnobotany across diverse cultural landscapes. Ethno-Botanic Resonance delves into the profound intersection of ethnobotanical knowledge, cultural well-being practices, and the art of Ikebana. Ethnobotanical studies illuminate the global recognition of herbal bathing as a healing practice deeply ingrained in diverse cultures. Emphasising its dual impact on physical and psychological well-being, the narrative unfolds within the historical context of The Wash Houses, the oldest public washing facility in London since 1847. Curated by Angelika Li, London-based Hong Kong artist Hedy Leung will embark on a journey through ethnobotanical wisdom, unveiling the interconnectedness of human societies, plant ecosystems, and ancient well-being practices through an Ikebana performance. Weaving a historical entwinement of cultural traditions and botanical insights, the performance elucidates the intrinsic relationship between ethnobotanical knowledge and herbal bathing practices across cultures and time. It explores the shared heritage of botanical wisdom and cultural well-being rituals. Through the integration of medicinal herbs, the performance transcends traditional aesthetic boundaries, offering a contemporary discourse on the ecological and therapeutic aspects of plant life. Collaborating with the Chelsea Physic Garden, Leung meticulously examines each herb for its visual charm and historical-cultural significance in traditional medicine, creating intentional narratives embedded in Ikebana arrangements. The Ikebana performance will be followed by a panel discussion, with the artist and the curator, on plant-based healing, migration, trade routes, and colonialism across cultural landscapes from South Africa, East Asia to Europe, and beyond. Panel discussion moderator: Professor Wessie Ling , Professor of Transcultural Arts and Design at the School of Art, Architecture and design at London Met and the Director of CREATURE. Click here for full profiles of the panelists: Caroline Kamana (Liliesleaf Trust UK) Hedy Leung (Artist) Angelika Li (PF25) Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso (London Met) Dr Vibe Nielsen (University of Oxford) Shivani Patel (Chelsea Physic Garden) In English, admission free. Registration essential. Venue: 16 Goulston Street London E1 7TP​ Im age above: Hedy Leung 3 x 7 = 21 2023 Ikebana performance and installation at Salon Mondial, Münchenstein/Basel Found green materials, everyday objects, video of Freilager-platz train tracks as part of PF25 cultural projects residency programme with Atelier Mondial Photo by Julian Salinas DS 2024 Spring 2024 Curator Talk FREIBURG BREISGAU ​ From hydrological cycles to disappearance. What’s here and now for Homeland in Transit? Angelika Li Till Ten, Kunstverein Freiburg Thu, 22 Feb 2024, 7 pm ​ Angelika Li will discuss her exhibition series Homeland in Transit which is channelling narratives and imaginations of ‘homeland’ starting from Hong Kong perspectives: boundaries, roots, diaspora, identity, colonial ideologies, displacement and interweaving them with experiences and voices from other parts of the world. The project was inaugurated in Basel in 2019 and has since expanded to various cities, including Berlin, Murrhardt, Freiburg, Zurich, Zollikon, and Ishigaki. Furthermore, Li will provide insights into PF25 cultural projects , a Kulturverein she co-founded with Donald Mak in 2018. This initiative aims to foster mutual understanding, cultivate an intercultural network, and generate creative energies between Hong Kong and Basel, with a broader outreach extending to other regions in Switzerland and Europe. ​ Angelika Li, a Hong Kong curator based in Basel, is dedicated to exploring the essence of places and the connections through culture, heritage, and stories. She actively fosters a continuous dialogue between international communities. Recent projects she has curated include Dorothee Sauter’s solo exhibitions 'Tumbling Through Time', 2024; and 'Geology, Cooking Heart, Curious and other stories', 2021; Isaac Chong Wai’s performance 'Difference/Indifference' at the Basler Münster, 2022; Luke Ching and Mei Cheung’s community projects and exhibitions series 'On the Ground', 2023; Ellen Pau, 'Speculative Generations of Flora Zero', 2023; Hedy’s Leung’s 'Menhir Tapestry 1' for Radio X X_ARTS Festival opening performance, 2023; and her ikebana performance 'Ethno-Botanic Resonance', 2024 with a panel discussion at London Metropolitan University. ​ In English, admission free. Click here for info. Map of the venue. ​ Image: Ellen Pau, Speculative Generation of Flora Zero 明日黃花, 2023, Video installation, Curated by Angelika Li, Courtesy of the artist and PF25 cultural projects ​ Spring 2024 ​ Ma Umi Residencies PF25 residency partnership announcement Ishigaki Island, Japan To inaugurate the Year of the Dragon, we're thrilled to unveil our exciting new partnership with MA UMI RESIDENCIES. This self-funded, non-profit initiative serves as an international platform for artists and researchers, spanning various specialisations, disciplines, and practices. Nestled in the picturesque Northern Peninsula of Ishigaki Island, Japan, participants come together to live and work amidst the serene beauty of this enclave. The residency aims to foster a vibrant platform for collecting, discussing, and experimenting with the surrounding land, ocean, and local communities. Our PF25 alumna, Hedy Leung, a renowned Sogetsu Ikebana practitioner and sound artist, will be joining MA UMI this March and April. During her residency, she'll delve into the mesmerising world of night blossoms and pollinators, infusing the programme with her distinctive blend of visual and auditory experiences. Joining Hedy at MA UMI are PF25 co-founders, Angelika Li and Donald Mak, who will collaborate with MA UMI's co-founders, Valerie Portefaix and Manami Fujita. Valerie, herself an alumna of PF25 residency in 2018, continues her ongoing research on water mapping across the oceans between Hong Kong and Basel. This partnership forms another vital connection on the global map, bridging our cities with Ishigaki and fostering an ongoing exchange and dialogue. contact Contact +41 61 209 9259 Pffefergässlein 25 4051 Basel Switzerland Anchor 1

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    news & media archive click & read / listen /watch ​ ARTNET NEWS PRO At Art Basel, Asian Collectors Are Back in Force, While Galleries Nudge Asian Artists Into the Spotlight // Outside the fair, Asian artists are also making their presence known during the week in Basel. Basel-based non-profit outfit PF25, founded by Hong Kong curator Angelika Li, is showing new works by Hong Kong artists Bouie Choi, an artist residency with the non-profit, as well as Ikebana artist Hedy Leung, who recently relocated from Hong Kong to London. The group’s exhibition opening on Tuesday, which is listed on Art Basel’s events list, saw streams of more than 200 locally-based art lovers and visiting collectors. “The international crowd’s enthusiasm of our artists’ works and their stories from afar are very encouraging for us. We are very touched,” Li said.'// by Vivienne Chow, June 14, 2023 ​ RADIOX Basel Radio interview and online coverage - Handwerke - on PF25 cultural projects autumn pop-up 'hands project'. Angelika Li, Hedy Leung, Laura Sattin, Oscar Chan and Lucien Bricola. by Paul von Rosen online 21 October, 2022 ZOLIMA CITY MAG ANGELIKA LI IS BUILDING A BRIDGE FROM HONG KONG TO BASEL by Oliver Giles online 1 September, 2022 RADIOX Basel Interview of Hong Kong artist Isaac Chong Wai and curator Angelika Li on 'Difference/Indifference ' a performance at the Cloister of Basler Münster commissioned by Kunsttage Basel by Danielle Bürgin at Kunstmuseum Basel live on 3 September, 2022 ​ ZOLIMA CITY MAG A HONGKONGER IN GERMANY: ISAAC CHONG’S SPHERES OF INTEREST by Oliver Giles online 10 August, 2022 ​ KUNSTBULLETIN 6/2022 Coverage of exhibition Homeland in Transit: Carried by the Wind by Stefanie Manthey June, 2022 both printed and online ​ MINGPAO WEEKLY Printed magazine published on 19.7.2019 Online on 24.7.2019巴塞爾藝術展-115732 ​ HONG KONG ECONOMIC JOURNAL BASEL - A CITY OF ART Lau Kin Wai 20 June 2019 ​ press and media enquiries: ​ ​

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    index Spring 2023 First Event in Hong Kong ​ ​ 2022 projects and programmes OCTOBER - NOVEMBER : AUTUMN POP-UP HANDS PROJECT ​ ​ ​ PF25 Play Video All Videos SAVE THE DATE ​ Opening on Friday 21.10 17-20h Spalenberg 30, 4051 Basel Pop-up through Sunday 6.11 Opens Tue-Sun 11-19h ​ BASEL x HONG KONG ​ Art & Culture Outreach Lucien Bricola Bored Wolves Hedy Leung Oscar Chan Yik Long Laura Sattin Dorothee Sauter Emilia Tanner ​ ​ Project concept an d Sogetsu Ikebana Workshop by Hedy Leung Artistic & Design Direction by Angelika Li + Donald Mak ​ Presented by PF25 cultural projects Supported by Christoph Merian Stiftung ​ ​ Sogetsu Ikebana Japanese Flower Arrangement Workshop by Hedy Leung ​ ​ Get instant updates on our Instagram! ​ click here for artists biographies - scroll down for interviews hands project mindmap what do "hand" and "tactile experience" mean for your practice? what do "hand" and "tactile experience mean for your daily life? sogetsu ikebana workshop by Hedy Leung Scroll up for details and registration Hedy Leung (b. 1975 Hong Kong, lives and works in Hong Kong & London) Ikebana gives life to the present moment. Every moment counts, not one moment repeats itself. Ikebana is an encounter between humans and plants. Flowers and stems are given a new life when they are arranged in a vessel or a space. Ikebana allows flowers and vessels, which exist on their own, to become one. A different harmonious beauty is created. Ikebana is a tactile art. Enjoying visual movement through our hands, it allows us unique opportunities to experience the flower, the vessel and space. In this workshop on Ikebana, we will explore the flower’s rhythm flows in our imaginations and the inspiring energy between the organic vessels and the plant arrangements. About the artist Hedy Leung is a member of the Sogetsu Teachers' Association. She learnt under the tutelage of sensei Mr Ho Hin Shing (1st Riji) since 2017. In 2022, she received the Sogetsu Ikebana Teachers' Diploma 3rd Grade (Sankyu Shihan). Hedy is also a certified senior Chinese medicated food dietician with the recognition of the International General Chinese Medicated Meal of Self Recovery Association as well as the Commercial Vocational Skill Certificate from The State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, The People's Republic of China. In 2020, she graduated with the Diploma Program in Practical Chinese Medicine (Chinese Medicine Nutritional Studies) at The University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education. She has a Bachelor degree of Social Science in Psychology Studies, Hong Kong Metropolitan University. glasswork by Laura Sattin Laura Sattin (b. 1989 Vicenza, lives and works in Basel) This question made me think. It is uncommon to speak of 'hands' and tactile experience in relation to the material glass, as it is a material that is worked while hot and melted - at temperatures of over 1200 degrees centigrade. In fact, the tactile experience with glass only occurs ‘a posteriori’, once the object has been made and is cold. It is a discovery and sometimes a surprise. Taking the made object in your hands, feeling its weight, understanding its texture and solidity, experiencing the surface finish... For me, the tactile aspect in our relationship with objects is very important. When I design a new piece, I always reflect on its 'thickness', its weight, its solidity rather than fragility. It is not just about form, but about feel and 'message'. About the artist Since 2015, in parallel with her career as an architect, Laura has dedicated herself to the study of glassmaking techniques and the creation of glass objects, collaborating with expert artisans in Murano, Venezia and - since 2020 - also in Basel. Her works, characterised by a careful and innovative combination of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics, have been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions around the world including DesignArt Tokyo, Collectible Fair Brussels and DesignMiami/Basel. footage: Lisa Böffgen video editing & sound: Hedy Leung courtesy the artist & PF25 cultural projects ink paintings by Oscar Chan Yik Long Oscar Chan Yik Long (b. Hong Kong, 1988, lives and works in Helsinki) I splash ink on paper. Then I follow my hands, letting them do their thing. As I observe the result, my mind searches for a face. From the face I sense a creature. I develop this creature. Really I work with the splash. It’s already decided once the splash is done. About the artist Oscar's practice focuses on personal experience and explores the conditions of life, how individuals associate themselves with others, fear, mythologies and popular visual culture. He works with media such as painting and drawing, frequently as part of site-specific installations. Oscar graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University in 2011. Selected solo exhibitions: ‘Don’t Leave the Dark Alone’ (Gallery EXIT, Hong Kong, 2021), ‘Soliquid’ (Things That Can Happen, Hong Kong, 2017) and ‘The Devil, Probably’ (Observation Society, Guangzhou, 2015). Selected group exhibitions: ‘hands project’ (PF25 cultural project, Basel 2022), ‘Homeland in Transit: Carried by the Wind’ (Atelier Mondial & PF25, Basel/Münchenstein, 2022), ‘First International Festival of Manuports’ (Kunsthalle Kohta, Helsinki, 2021), ‘Contagious Cities: Far Away, Too Close’ (Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong, 2019), ‘Futur, ancien, fugitif – une scène française’ (Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2019), ‘Divided We Stand’ (Busan Biennale, Korea, 2018). knitwork by Lucien Bricola Lucien Bricola (b. 1998 Basel, lives and works in Basel) When I create my work I’m mostly envisioning something. I try to shape everything in my head until it looks perfect. When it comes to the realisation I keep on believing that my hands can just copy my ideas. That’s the most interesting part in my eyes because with the tactile experience of doing something everything changes again. About the artist Lucien Bricola studied fashion design at the FHNW Academy of Arts and Design Basel. During his studies he started experimenting with big silhouettes and rather sculptural designs than so-called wearable fashion. His works are exploring the boundaries between fashion and art with knitwear as a reoccurring element throughout. footage: Leon Bricola video & sound: Hedy Leung courtesy the artist and PF25 cultural projects silkscreen printing by Emilia Tanner Emilia Tanner (b. 1990 Finland, lives and works in Helsinki) I often work with paper and have my background in printmaking. Artists’ books and books in general are close to my practice and I’m interested in the act of browsing, the two-sidedness of a page and the marks, like fingerprints, they carry. These objects are also touched and carried to different places by different people who might never meet otherwise but have shared something together. Marks from our fingers (always unique) are almost invisible, but will stay on the surface of the paper. About the artist Emilia Tanner is a visual artist working and living in Helsinki. In her work Tanner often uses paper as a raw material to explore ideas of time, temporality and perception. She approaches paper as a three-dimensional material that can be sculpted, transformed, manipulated and altered. Tanner received her MFA in printmaking from The Academy of Fine Arts in 2021. Her work has been exhibited in Finland and internationally. Recently Tanner’s works have been on display in group exhibitions at Forum Box Gallery (2020), Jyväskylä Art Museum (2019) and at Galleria G (2018). Tanner has been awarded with The Young Artist Award from Finnish Art Society (2020), Stina Krooks Stiftelse stipend (2019) and was one of the nominees for the Queen Sonja Print Award in 2020. a list of books curated by Art and Culture Outreach, Hong Kong i wanna READ... i wanna WRITE video by May Fung About ACO ACO Books is an independent bookshop with a strong belief in freedom of expression and sharing of knowledge. They offer choices for alternative art & cultural readings and encourage originality in publication. Besides selling books from local and overseas, ACO also has its own publications, including Chinese books as well as bilingual books like Dreams of a Toad, Memories in a Tin Box and Just Painting. ACO is also a space for connecting art practitioners, cultivating humanity and sensibility through art and cultural collaboration activities. books & zines by Bored Wolves Four Bored Wolves books for the "hands project": Oscar CHAN Yik Long, Melted Stars Zine of astral choreographies in which, guided by haptic intuition, the Hong Kong artist splashed ink on paper and let his mind find mythical creatures lurking in the shadows, his hand then rapidly drawing them out into the spectacular light. Maike Hemmers, Light grey blue folds me open like a book The artist’s practice of “mental body scans” initiates a process leading toward pastel drawings. She then notes down “felt” colors in each body limb and their associations. Designed with scissors in hand by Yin Yin Wong, Light grey blue is a haptic-somatic exploration of the human body as reservoir of elemental awareness. Katy Bentall, Greenwriting In a narrative originally written out by hand, the poet-artist, an immigrant living in a Polish village near the Ukrainian border, establishes an enduring connection to the community by observing the language of gestures as she seeks to preserve a “fragment of a pre-plastic world that was still full of cloth bundles stuffed with herbs, hay, and dried peas and beans.” Alina Asan & Anita Sezgener, She Threw the Rope & Pulled the Lake A weave of two-year-old Alina’s observations and her mother’s spontaneously flowing ink drawings. Anita’s line carries the reader across the page and over the arch of a day, encompassing daily rituals and the physical bond between mother and child. About Bored Wolves Bored Wolves is a publisher run by Stefan Lorenzutti and Joanna Osiewicz-Lorenzutti out of a cabin in the Polish Highlands. The press is dedicated to publishing poetry books, artist’s books, zines, and comix, with many of its titles blending and overlapping these categories. Working with authors, artists, and graphic designers across borders and languages, mediums and disciplines, Bored Wolves is committed to the individuality of each title, and curious about the patterns and echoes that emerge between them. vessels by Dorothee Sauter Dorothee Sauter (b. 1956 Aarau, lives and works in Basel) Clay is full of sculptural possibilities – with its malleability and its ambivalence between permanence and transition, its reflection of nature and existence, especially of life cycles. Pottery is an ancient craft that explores these qualities directly with the use of hands and fingers. While working with the wet material, repetitively poking, hitting, squeezing, in a process that connects the living and the dead, I let the hands guide me. Physical this process, top-heavy intellectual approaches strike me as uncanny, something like recurring ruins. The answers of the hand are self-guided. About the artist Dorothee Sauter is a sculptor whose question is “What is the origin of life?” Intrinsically scientific and humanistic, her thinking processes imagine the times before human existence. The primal living substance – earth – has become Sauter’s main source and medium in her quest. Sauter describes her working method as ‘thinking with the hands’. For her, the working process with clay is a balancing act between control and letting go, giving freedom to the material to work with, sculpting her emotions. Throughout the act of morphing, her hands leave marks on the material that constitute memories, both tangible and intangible; sealed and irreversible. Dorothee's recent exhibitions includes her solo 'Geology, Cooking Heart, Curious and other stories', (Basel, 2021) and in group 'Homeland in Transit: Through the Clouds' (Basel, 2021); 'The Grantees' (Calvinhaus, Bern, 2021) and 'Shangri-la' Kunstforum Solothurn (Solothurn, 2021-22). OCTOBER - NOVEMBER : AUTUMN PROGRAMME Sogetsu Ikebana Workshop ​ ​ ​ SEPTEMBER - DIFFERENCE / INDIFFERENCE A performance by Isaac Chong Wai ​ Cloister, Basler Münster Commissioned by KUNSTTAGE BASEL 2022 Curated by Angelika Li ​ SEPTEMBER - HOMELAND IN TRANSIT : STREETSCAPES - KUNSTTAGE BASEL ​ ​ Premiere of Hong Kong Artist Hung Keung's video work 'Streetscapes 24360' on view at the window of Jungstrasse 33, 4056 Basel between 1 and 4 September 18-18h with a special community event on Friday 2 September 18-20h ​ Hung Keung is interested in the transformative physics of stones and rocks. In the spirit of the traditional Chinese landscape art, landscapes are meant for us to visit, to live in or wander around in. During the pandemic time, people in Hong Kong always had to stay home as a preventive measure. This video captures an almost surreal streetscapes of Hong Kong around the clock and with the movement of the 360-degree camera which creates a tunnel of time and documents the transit of people and the city during this pivotal period. ​ More info About the artist ​ 'Let's Have a Drink and Walk in the Streets of Hong Kong' a special community event on Friday 2 September 18-20h​ The Streetscapes project in Basel invites the audience to bring an image that records the transformation in their city during the pandemic time together with a short description. The images and the texts will be pinned on a wall in the space to create a conversation and linking the stories of transformations between our cities. Hung Keung will be virtually attending the event and joining curator Angelika Li, PF25 co-founder Donald Mak and our venue partner architect Raymond Gaëtan to exchange with the audience. Let's share our stories with some Hong Kong drinks and street food! Scroll down for the special treats info! ​ ​ first-come-first-serve Special Hong Kong Treats for Participants! ​ Participants who share an image and stories will receive a voucher to taste some authentic Hong Kong-made Moon Cakes sponsored by Meow Kong and Curry Fish Balls prepared by our PF25 volunteer Kennis Falkner at the event, also in celebration of the coming Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節 a.k.a. Full Moon Festival) on 15th day of the 8th month in the Lunar Calendar which falls on 10 September this year. ​ ​ ​ This programme is part of the curatorial series 'Homeland in Transit' by Angelika Li and presented by PF25 cultural projects as part of the Kunsttage Basel 2022. ​Special thanks to Christoph Merian Stiftung Friends and Volunteers Raymond Gaëtan Architecture & Development Meow Kong for making this programme possible! ​ ​ ​ ​ FEBRUARY - GYMNASIUM LEONHARD - BASEL ​ Talk: PF25, Homeland in Transit and Hong Kong Our co-founder and president Angelika Li was invited to give talks to the students and staff of Gymnasium Leonhard in Basel. Our PR25 cultural projects together with the curatorial and exhibition series Homeland in Transit were presented with a lot of enthusiastic responses and questions, especially on the observations of the situations in Hong Kong. ​ Brigitte Koller, Chinese expert and teacher of the school offered a guided tour to the Coal Hill Library which houses an impressive collection of Chinese books and Chinese works of art. A truly authentic Chinese experience in the heart of the Old Town of Basel. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Gymnasium Leonhard Gymnasium Leonhard Gymnasium Leonhard Gymnasium Leonhard 1/12 MAY-JULY - ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE - BASEL Hong Kong Artists in Basel Across the months of May to July, Hong Kong artists Oscar Chan Yik Long, Angela Su and Isaac Chong Wai will join our PF25 Artist-in-Residence programme in collaboration with Atelier Mondial in Basel. Different happenings including workshops, artist talks, screenings and more will take place during their stays at Atelier Mondial. Please click the portraits below for the artists' biographies. ​ Oscar Chan Yik Long - May to July 20 May: Open Studio 24 June: Ink Workshop at Atelier Mondial + Open Studio 29 June: Kunstmuseum Basel Ink Workshop with curator Angelika Li ​ Angela Su - May 20 May: European premiere of her video 'This is Not a Game' (2021), a conversation with director of Atelier Mondial Alexandra Stäheli and the programme curator Angelika Li. Open Studio at Atelier Mondial ​ Isaac Chong Wai - July 5 July: Meeting Point at Basel Pavilion (more info coming soon) We look forward to initiating dialogues and exchanges with the local communities. ​ Stay tuned for news and updates! ​ ​ MAY - VIDEO SCREENING & ARTIST TALK - MÜNCHENSTEIN/BASEL Hong Kong Video Night ->> to the programme <<- Hong Kong Video Nights 2022 Hong Kong Video Nights 2022 1/1 ​ On the Museumsnacht Friday 20 May, PF25 and Atelier Mondial present the European premiere of 'This is Not a Game' (2021) by the artist-in-residence Angela Su who represents Hong Kong in the 59th Venice Biennale and also . A conversation will take place between the artist and PF25 co-founder and curator Angelika Li and director of Atelier Mondial Alexandra Stäheli after the premiere. The screening programme includes more than twelve video works dating from 1989 to 2021 by a stellar lineup of Hong Kong artists: Luke Ching, May Fung, Kongkee, Law Yuk Mui, Leung Chi Wo, Lo Lai Lai Natalie, MAP Office and Yim Sui Fong. Across different generations through their Hong Kong eyes, this collection of videos offers a diverse range of perspectives, landscapes, narratives and imaginations of their city. ​ Date: Friday 20 May 2022 - 19-22h ​ Venue: Atelier Mondial Platform, Freilager-Platz 9, 4142 Münchenstein/Basel, Switzerland (Tram No. 11 to Freilager) ​ 19h: European Premiere of ‘This is Not a Game' (2021), video, 11’16” by Angela Su Artist conversation with PF25 co-founder and curator Angelika Li and director of Atelier Mondial Alexandra Stäheli ​ 20h: Screening of video works by Luke Ching, May Fung, Kongkee, Law Yuk Mui, Leung Chi Wo, Lo Lai Lai Natalie, MAP Office and Yim Sui Fong ​ 21h: Open Studio at Atelier Mondial with Oscar Chan Yik Long, Angela Su ​ This programme is curated by Angelika Li; visual design directed by Donald Mak; co-presented by Atelier Mondial and PF25 cultural projects and supported by Christoph Merian Stiftung. ​ ​ HONG KONG VIDEO NIGHT 20 May 2022 Programme ​ 1900-1915 European Premiere: 1. Angela Su ‘This is Not a Game’ (2021), 11 mins 16 secs ​ 1915-2000 Artist Conversation with Angelika Li, PF25 cultural projects founder and curator and Alexandra Stäheli, director of Atelier Mondial ​ 2000-2222 Screening: 2. Kongkee ‘River’ (2020), Animation, 5 mins 3 secs 3. Kongkee ‘I just can't find myself, most of the time’ (2020), Animation, 1 min 56 secs 4. Lo Lai Lai Natalie ‘Cold Fire’ (2019-2020), 10 mins 18 secs 5. MAP Office ‘The Book of Waves’ (2018), Animation, 2 mins 6. Yim Sui Fong ‘Black Bird Island’ (2017), 6 mins 32 secs 7. Lo Lai Lai Natalie ‘Weather girl Halo Daisy’ (2016), 6 mins 32 secs 8. Luke Ching ‘Pixel’ (2014), 43 secs 9. Leung Chi Wo ‘Suck/Blow ’ (2003), 4 mins 10. Law Yuk Mui ‘On Junk Bay, The Plant’ (1990-present), 2 mins 56 secs 11. May Fung ‘Image of a City’ (1990), 11 mins 12. May Fung ‘She Said Why Me’ (1989), 8 mins ​ Total of the video:12 (around 71 mins) ​ 2022 Residency 2022 HK VideoNight Wind JUNE - EXHIBITION - BASEL ​ Homeland in Transit: Carried by the Wind Carried by the Wind Carried by the Wind Carried by the Wind 1/2 Vernissage: 10 June 2022 18-21h Exhibition: 11 - 26 June 2022 Fridays to Sundays: 12-18h Special opening dates 13-16 June: 14-18h Art Basel VIP Programme: 14 June 18-20h - RSVP: Venue: Salon Mondial, Freilager-Platz 9, 4142 Münchenstein/Basel, Switzerland (Tram No. 11 to Freilager) Artists: Oscar Chan (Hong Kong, Helsinki) Isaac Chong Wai (Hong Kong, Berlin) Andreas Marti (Zürich) Kathrin Siegrist + Iva Wili (Basel) Angela Su (Hong Kong) curated by Angelika Li (Hong Kong, Basel) presented by Atelier Mondial and PF25 cultural projects and supported Christoph Merian Stiftung ​ Click here for more information about the exhibiton and the artists. ​ ​ Brice Marden JUNE - KUNSTMUSEUM BASEL 1 June 16:00–17:30 Brice Marden's Lines and Spaces: Intercultural translation in progress A conversation between Prof. Kurt Chan Yuk Keung, artist, Department of Fine Arts, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Kelly Montana, Assistant Curator at the Menil Drawing Institute, Houston, moderated by Angelika Li, independent curator, Basel. Introduction: Daniel Kurjaković, curator of programs. Free Entry. ​ 29 June 18:00–19:30 Reflections of the mindscape through ink ​ A workshop by Hongkong artist our PF25 artist in residence Oscar Chan: An exploration starts with Hongkong curator Angelika Li introducing poems by the Tang dynasty (618-907) poet Hanshan, generally translated into English as «Cold Mountain». This name has become synonymous with the inspiration and title of Marden's renowned series in which the artist translates the Zen notions of «emptiness» and «naturalness» into his meditative calligraphic lines and space. In the spirit of ink practice, Hongkong artist Oscar Chan will guide the participants to experience the mediums of Chinese ink, brush and water as a form of self-reflection and thought. Max. 15 participants aged 16 above, no prior ink art knowledge is required. Costs: Entry contact +41 61 209 92 59 Pffefergässlein 25 4051 Basel Switzerland contact

  • our location stories | PF25 cultural projects

    PF25 site histories PF25 is located in Spalenhof at Spalenberg 12 and Pfeffergässlein 25, which is a site of significant cultural, historical and architectural importance at the heart of the old town of Basel. With its partial Romanesque foundation laid in the 13th century, Spalenhof tells many valued Basel stories: from the earthquake in 1356 to the chivalric legend Knight Heinrich von Ramstein who resided here in 1437. Another owner of the house was Bürgermeister (mayor) of Basel Kaspar Krug who met with Ferdinand I, Holy Roman Empire in 1563. It then turned into a merchant’s house owned by businessman Isaak Dreyfuss in 1835, one of the first Jews to settle in Basel. The painting of Justitia in the late Renaissance style commissioned by Krug in the 16th century resurfaced on the courtyard facade during a conversion of the building in 1964. The building was sold to the City of Basel in 1956. Theater Fauteuil opened in 1957, Tabourettli in 1971 and the 16th century embellishments under gypsum walls and plaster ceilings by Krug were unearthed in the Kaisersaal (Emperor's Room) in 1979. Does it relate to the meeting between Krug and Ferdinand I? In 1986, Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava worked on the overall renovation of the house including the structural conservation and custom furniture. It was one of earliest architectural commissions in his career. The theatre reopened its door in 1989 and has become as a leading performing arts venue in Switzerland. These form part of the historic and architectural features of the PF25 site. A research on the history of the building is in progress. Please reach out to our team if you have information or leads to any history, story, conservation work back from the 1960's. ​

  • on-going research | PF25 cultural projects

    Crossing Oceans MAP Office at PF25 ​ March 2019 - ongoing ​ Port was MAP Office's main focus of research back in 1990s and was also the reason why they moved in 1996 from France to Hong Kong, which had the biggest port in the world at the time. MAP Office's practice is research-based, interdisciplinary and focussed on the relation between body and territory, as expressed through different means including drawings, photography, Installation, video, performance and publications. Their observations and re-imaginations of cities and territories included the mapping of urbanisation and globalisation especially in the context of Hong Kong and the greater China region. MAP Office have since pivoted their research to liquid territories, as demonstrated in their work ISLAND IS LAND (2008) to recent projects including The Book of Waves (2018), Ghost Island (2018) - shown as part of the 1st Biennale of Thailand - and The Ise Bay Project (2018) as part of the XXII Triennale di Milano. MAP Office's current investigations concern the condition and conservation of the ocean, the relationship between marine life and humankind. Basel and Hong Kong are linked closely to their harbours, trade routes, and life flourishing along their waterscapes and this is what MAP Office and PF25 are studying. ​ ​ Artist Talk at PF25 5th March 2019 ​ PF25 cultural projects presented Hong Kong-based guest speaker Valérie Portefaix of MAP Office who introduced their interdisciplinary and research-based practice with a focus on the relation between body and territory and their recent research on liquid borders, the interactions between marine life and humankind. ​ Thank you MAP Office for going in-depth of their latest works The Book of Waves (2018) with our audience in Basel. < back to happenings PF25 happenings Crossing Oceans: MAP Office at PF25 Please join us for a talk by Valerie Portefaix of Hong Kong-based architects/ artists duo MAP Office on Tuesday 5th March 2019. ​ She will cross oceans to present their practice and their latest work, including the Swiss premiere of THE BOOK of WAVES and the unfolding collaborative project with PF25 in Basel. ​ The talk will be conducted in English. Seats are limited. RSVP is essential and on a first-come-first-serve basis. Click here for more

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