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projects archive
2018 - 2020

2018 projects & events 

Jan 14-18

Hong Kong writer Vivienne Chow introduction to Basel & research studies in Basel – ‘On Women’

Jeannine Appel + Vivienne Chow x Angelika Li

Jun 9-19

Hong Kong x Tokyo x Basel Art Ecology Observations

Rika Fujiki & Yukiko Kakiuchi x Angelika Li & Donald Mak

Jun 10–19

Hong Kong writer Vivienne Chow research studies in Basel – ‘On Women’

Jun 17

Project Launch Events of PF25 + introduction of the current research and contributors

Rika Fujiki & Yukiko Kakiuchi + Vivienne Chow + Angelika Li & Donald Mak

Jun 25 - 26

Hong Kong artist Kingsley Ng - introduction to Basel

July 1 – 3

Hong Kong artist Warren Leung - introduction to Basel


Aug 30 – Sep 1

Polish artist Marysia Lewandowska research study in Basel


Sep 10-17

Hong Kong writer Vennes Cheng - introduction to Basel 


Oct 30

‘Herbstmesse – The Autumn Fair in Basel’ – Photo Documentation by Maris Merzulis


Dec 1

‘Hello Hong Kong’ – a Hong Kong handsewn bag project invited by Simonett and Baer Galerie, Basel featuring works by upcyclying expert and designer-maker Ken Hung from Hong Kong 

Dino Simonett & Martina Baer x Angelika & Ken Hung 

Dec 1

‘Hong Kong Album’ – an exhibition of Hong Kong photos by Hedy Leung, curated by Angelika Li at Simonett & Baer Galerie, Basel

Hedy Leung x Dino Simonett & Martina Baer x Angelika Li

2019 projects / events + contributors 

Jan 25

‘Food Cultures – HONG KONG x BASEL’ by Donald Mak: Looking at the hotpot traditions of the two cities

Chantal Konrad x Angelika Li & Donald Mak 


Jan 30 –Feb 5

Hong Kong curator Kwok Ying and architect Hong Wong - introduction to Basel

Mar 11-14

‘Fasnacht Basel’ (the Basel carnival) – interview and case study of Schonooggerkerzli Clique

Benedikt Vonder Mühll of Schonooggerkerzli Clique

Mar 12

Monocle Daily Radio Interview with Angelika Li on the cultural heritage of the Basel carnival

Mar 3 – 7

‘Crossing Oceans – MAP Office’ research at PF25 and presentation of the artist duo MAP Office’s practice on Mar 5 


MAP Office

Mar 6

Presentation of MAP Office at Herzog & de Meuron

April 8

Studio Visit and Conversations with Hong Kong artist Hanison Lau on ‘24 Solar Terms’

Hanison Lau x Angelika Li & Donald Mak


May 5

‘Food Cultures – BASEL x HONG KONG’ by Chantal Konrad on Spargel

Jun 22–24

Yan Yung of Coutou Woodworking Studio and Garfield Chan introduction to Basel and Basel-Land through nature walks 


2020 projects / events + contributors


Jan 23

‘Food Cultures – HONG KONG x BASEL’ on Lunar New Year traditional cakes making

Queenie Lee

Feb 28

Fasnacht Mask-making workshop

The Appel Family


Feb 28

Fasnacht Tour in the Old Town and the lower Pfeffergässlein by Robbie Appel


Jun 30

Post-performance interview with Thomas Keller and Balthasar Streif of Alphorn group Alponom

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