About Sogetsu Ikebana


Ikebana gives life to the present moment.

Every moment counts,

not one moment repeats itself.


Ikebana is an encounter between humans and plants.

Flowers and stems are given a new life

when they are arranged in a vessel or a space.


Ikebana allows flowers and vessels,

which exist on their own, to become one.

A different harmonious beauty is created.


Ikebana is a tactile art.

Enjoying visual movement through our hands,

it allows us unique opportunities to experience the flower,

the vessel and space.


In this workshop on Ikebana,

we will explore the flower’s rhythm flows

in our imaginations and the inspiring energy

between the organic vessels and the plant arrangements.

Hedy Leung

Sogetsu Ikebana
Japanese Flower Arrangement Workshop
by certified practitioner Hedy Leung


coming workshops

Private Workshops:​

  1. Wednesday 9 Nov - afternoon 

  2. Tuesday 15 Nov - evening 

  3. Wednesday 16 Nov - afternoon 

  4. Thursday 17 Nov - afternoon - reserved

from 4 to 6 participants


Pfeffergässlein 25, 4051 Basel

via Nadelberg 33

How much: 

CHF 80 per person 

What is included:

demonstration, tools and materials will be provided,

flowers can be taken with you after the workshop


Registration is essential:

send your name, contact number, date of workshop and number of participants to connect@PF25.org

For private / corporate workshops and other enquiries:


Past workshops in October and November:


28.10 1800-1930h 

04.11 1800-1930h 


22.10 1630-1800h

29.10 1630-1800h 

maximum of 6 participants per workshop